Spark joy in your life by creating more space in your world and in your mind

It’s January!  That month where you pay a 12 months gym membership that you later regret as you don’t have the time or motivation to use it; the month of resolutions that begin to lose momentum, importance and your commitment.   You start on a motivated high which quickly diminishes.

I love Christmas!  Family time! Random smiles and Merry Christmas wishes from people you don’t know!  Although, it’s a busy time of year: buying presents, meeting friends, work nights out, grocery shopping (or here in Scotland we would say “going for the messages”).

This time around I purposefully decided I wasn’t going to make plans with friends over xmas.  Why squeeze them into the tiny wee weeks running up to Christmas?  I want to spend QUALITY time with them.  I’m busy; they are busy!  I said to them, let’s meet when all the madness is over, aye?

So, here we are, near the end of January.  Are you still using that gym you joined?

If not, get your ass down there and get into shape!  😉

Create a positive habit!

Get healthy!  Lose those pounds!  Tone that tummy!

You won’t regret it!  Remember, in the words of 1980’s band YAZZ “the only way is up!

What a tune!  Listen to it!  How the heck does it make you feel?  Frickin awesome, right? Let me know your feel-good tune in the comments!  Add this song to your awesome, jump out of bed, I can take on anything the world throws at me, playlist!

Ok, now I’ve got that out of my system, I wanna ask you a question:

What have you been doing this month?  Have you been taking part in dry January?  Any New Year’s resolutions?  Have you set and created a timeline to achieve your goals for the year ahead?

For me, January has been a month of creating space.  Organisation.  Losing the clutter.   Both in my physical world and in my mind.

Mindfully, I started an 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) course (click on the link, can you believe it is completely free?  Wowsers!)

Physically, I’ve been creating space in my home!  I bought a wardrobe to finally organise my study.  Hello Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever (which I’ve had for more than two years and only just paying it the proper attention it deserves!  Ouch!).

So I’ve been uncluttering my world and watching the magic happen.  You should try it!


I’ve been practicing both mindfulness and creating space for quite some time now and boy, there have been many bags full of clothes that don’t “spark joy” (thanks Marie Kondo) to me over the years and so many days of feeling bad for not getting in at least 10 minutes of mindfulness practice.  But I really needed to start paying proper attention and focus to both areas.

Now it’s your turn.  Ask yourself (and answer honestly):

What no longer serves you or “sparks joy” in your life right now?

How often do you experience stress and anxiety?

Are there changes you can make or things you can lose to make your life easier?

That last point includes people by the way!

I realised that the more “stuff” I cleared: “stuff” I didn’t use or wear; “stuff” that was part of my past from people or experiences I had moved on from; “stuff” that was old or damaged etc, the more I saw and appreciated the belongings I did want to see and wear and use.

It’s therapeutic to have a clear out.  Plus, why do you want to hold onto the stuff that brings you unhappy memories or that old top you’ve had forever? Out with the old, I say.

And be mindful of the new!  Do you really need it?  Do you really want it?  Does your life depend on it?  (ok, a little extreme there).  But being mindful of your buying not only keeps your house uncluttered but saves you money too, win-win!

So start clearing, stop buying (so much) and see the magical shift in your world.






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